Let’s call it what it is… No Internet Marketer in their right mind looks forward to the task of link building. In all reality most would rather walk over hot coals. The hardcore reality is this must be done if you wish to reach a top position in Google.

It doesn’t matter if you dislike it or not the fact still remains that incoming links are an integral part of all successful SEO campaigns. I guess that would explain why there are so many link building scams popping up everyday. I’m sure you have seen ads such as, “Get 100 one-way links for $24.95!

The part that I find most disheartening is the fact that webmasters fall for these scams everyday. For the most part these scammers really will deliver the amount of links that they promise. However these links are useless because they are of poor quality and do nothing to help you with your SEO efforts.

When I first started out I threw away hundreds of dollars on god knows how many link building scams. I use to be one of those guys who thought that more links meant higher rankings, which meant more traffic, which meant more money – boy was I wrong. Finally it sunk in and I began to realize that I needed high targeted high quality links, placed in the right area on the page, with the right anchor text.

Once you have a grasp on what type of link popularity building you should be doing, you find yourself still standing alone in the dark. The question looming over your head may be… Where do I get started? In reality the answer is very simple. You should first and fore most know which anchor text to target. Whatever you do don’t fall into the trap of targeting generic phrases such as “buying digital camera“, the reason being, if someone types in “buying digital camera” are they really ready to buy? Of course not. The search term is to generic which is a good indication that they still have a few questions that will need to be answered.

They may still be trying to decide what type of digital camera they want… What make and model? What price range? These are just a few questions that may still need to be answered. The bottom line is you need to stop wasting time targeting the wrong keywords in your link building strategies. Hot buyers are more apt to search for keyword phrases such as, “Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera.”

Ok so you have done everything right, but you still are getting poor conversions… Well never fear because The SEO Bully knows what the problem is. Your being penalized because your over optimizing your anchor text. No need to reread that last sentence you got it right the first time. The solution to this problem is also simple… All you have to do is make sure that you vary your anchor text to avoid any penalties by the big “G”. Problem solved!

One of the most commonly asked questions that I receive regarding the link building process is why do I target buyer keywords instead of keywords for rankings or traffic. The answer is also simple – I do it because most Internet Marketers get so caught up in getting on the front page of the SERP’s that they sometimes forget the main objectives… Generate Revenue! Here’s something for you to think about – If you rank number one for a particular keyword phrase and you still fail to generate traffic does it really matter? Of course it doesn’t! Now ask yourself if you generated thousands of unique visitors per day and the visitors are not converting does that really matter? The answer again would be NO!

As a business owner our main goal is conversions. It doesn’t matter if you own an online or a brick and mortar business the objective is the same. This is one fundamental that most Internet Marketers either neglect or simply do not know. If you walk away from this article with anything I hope it is a shift in your mindset. You have to get out of the habit of link building for traffic and get into the habit of link building for revenue instead.

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