rubin communications group

My son and I had a blast last night at Media Fest 2010. Normally I have to travel halfway across the United States to network and meet such wonderful people in my field or related fields.

Frank Gonzalez ( / ) had his booth looking like a rock concert. There was so many people waiting in line to see his video based technology, you would have thought that Carlos Santana was doing a free concert or something. Frank was doing an excellent job at demonstrating the power that video and the Internet can bring to your business.

Damien Steiner Smith from “” the Social Media Strategist had a nice set up and he really knew his stuff, it was clear to see why he’s the leader in his field.

I cannot forget Claire Molinaro… I just wanted to mention her because she was hot… That’s it enough about that (hahaha) She’s a marketing consultant from Sinclair Communications she almost sold me a ton of radio spots?!?

Before I headed over to the workshops I stopped by Rubin Communications Group and met the Chief Operating Officer Sara Jo Rubin ( This is an AWESOME company great people and I am really looking forward to doing business with them in the near future.

Ohhhhh… I almost forgot one of my favorites… I met Alan Jones from NCM Media Networks. He is the guy responsible for the local advertisements you see right before the movie begins at the cinema. I can’t wait to talk to Alan and see if this form of advertising will help me to grow my opt-in list. I need to do a little more research (always looking for new ways to grow my list). Especially since I have a new product coming out that is geared towards filmmakers.

After cruising the isles of business owners and networking a little I eased over to the workshops and listened to Gina M. Watkins (Great Speaker) break down the power of email marketing, and all that it involves.

Next up to bat was Lynn Switanowski who spoke on Social Media Boot Camp she really hit a home run with her workshop. All in all it was a great event and I hope to see more Internet related events in the future.

I would like to say hats off to Retail Alliance ( for putting on such a great event.

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