Yep… I found away to legitimately rob Facebook! I know it sounds crazy, but those of you that know me or that have been on my list for a while, know that I am no big fan of social media. But as reality began to slap me in the face and clients began to demand Facebook I had to make the transition.

I have spent thousands of dollars on ebooks, video courses, and various Facebook systems (that’s was me being robbed by Facebook). My goal was trying to figure out how to use Facebook to make money, for my clients. A few systems did generate some money but nothing I would dare use with any of my clients.

I knew that somehow I had to fold Facebook into my current success formulas. These formulas have served me well for years without fail, and I am about to share them with you right now.

Formula #1 (key to formula is consistency)

High Quality Backlinks (is equal to) High Search Engine Ranking (is equal to) Website Traffic.

Although the search engines will index your profile page, I could not figure out a way that Facebook would be useful as generating revenue for formula #1.

NOTE: Sure you can generate traffic from Facebook, however as far as I am concerned the traffic from posting a status will not allow you to quit your day job. Posting to Facebook is something that I automate and I let the chips fall where they may.

Formula #2

Targeted Website Traffic + Laser Targeted Landing Page = High Quality List = Monthly Revenue 

Then it hit me. FACEBOOK COULD BE USED TO BUILD YOUR LIST.  I began experimenting with building my list utilizing Facebook.

 Experiment #1

I belong to every high quality PLR membership site on the planet (I think). I went looking for something sweet to giveaway. I then found a high quality affiliate product on Clickbank that was already selling like crazy. I set up a landing page (the niche market was a weigh loss product) and I ran a Facebook PPC campaign for a week. Because I am lazy I am only going to share day one’s results. The first day is always the worst day in most cases. As the week went on I tweaked and got better results by the end of the week.

Day 1:

600 Clicks @ $0.57 per click = $342 (total cost for running campaign)

23% of the 600 who clicked on my add opted in to my list.

Number of opt-ins = 138

Out of 138 of those people who opted in 7% made a backend purchase. This comes out to be 9.66 purchases which for the sake of this example I rounded down to 9.

My commission from the affiliate was $67 per sale.

$67.00 x 9 = $603

(Subtract out cost for advertising)

$603 (gross sales) – $342 (total PPC cost) = $261 (Total Profit)

Ok Tim… Where does the robbery part come in… I want to rob Facebook too!

List building is a very important part of making money online. The problem that many marketers are facing is that people will give you a B.S. email that they only use for getting free goodies (even I do this :-( ).

I wanted to make sure that it was the Facebook list building technology that was the cause of the profits and not just my awesomeness :D

Experiment #2

So I did another experiment with, “The Backlink Black Book.” I was giving away some information on the importance of backlinks, how you should build them, where to find free tools and software to help you determine the quality of backlinks that you need. It was a pretty good report and it was free (can’t beat that right?). As a backend product I offered the Facebook technology that I was actually testing.

Here is the results:

Day 1:

I ran 3 ads on Facebook and generated 2,932 clicks (people that actually visited my landing page).

2,932 Clicks @ $0.27 = $791.64

37% actually opted in (that’s almost half. This is the best result that I have every gotten).

37% = 1,085 people opted in to download my free report.

22% bought backend product = 238 (The commission varied depending on which package they ordered. Low end around $20 (it was more than that but I do not feel like going to look) the high end was around $35) For this example I will go with $20 all the way across the board.

238 Sales X $20.00 = $4,760

(Here’s the actual landing page if you want to check it out. Its nothing spatular.)


I had no doubt that this Facebook technology was the key to building a laser targeted list. Currently I have began offering this service for $150 a month to my clients. Although  only two have agreed to start that’s still an extra $300 a month on autopilot.

I do not share these things with you to brag or anything. I want you to draw from my testings and implement it in your own business. Even if you do not want to go through all the trouble of setting up pages and running a PPC campaign you can sell the service to clients. Every business owner on earth has a Facebook account, and you can manage their list for them for $150 a month.

This is the greatest technology that I have witnessed since the auto responder.  You owe it to yourself and your future to go check it out right now – Click Here To Learn More About Facebook Technology.