I sent an email to my team last night letting them know that I wanted to do a conference call in the morning. I also let them know that it was mandatory that each member be in attendance. At 8 A.M. sharp the call began and I let everyone know that I wanted to start cleaning house. I guess that was a poor choice of words because everyone hit the panic button and thought I was going to start firing people.

I explained to everyone that I was sick and tired of my Facebook timeline being filled with, buy this, and buy that, blah, blah, blah. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind my fellow marketers sharing a new product or service that they deem worthy. I am talking about the Facebook spammers that add no value to the community what-so-ever.

It does not always have to be about you… Post a positive quote, tell a joke, do anything but continuously yell, buy, buy, buy. Let me explain something that it seems most people  do not understand for whatever reason. BIGGER DOES NOT MEAN BETTER. Millions of individuals abandoned MySpace because of the ridiculous crap that was going on. The exact same thing is starting to happen on Facebook.

I have multiple Facebook accounts geared towards varies niche markets. All of my accounts operate on autopilot for the most part. I do however respond to friend request, events etc. and I occasionally make a personal post or click on the like button if I see something that I like. All of this is maintained from my iPhone or iPad.

I am not telling you that you have to follow Tim Beachum’s plan, I am just saying that spamming Facebook will not work. I can guarantee you that you are making very little if any money from the techniques that you are currently practicing, if you are currently partaking in spamming practices.

If you truly want to make money utilizing Facebook start out by building a targeted following. If you have a product about dog training your followers should at least have some interest in dogs. Stop worrying about how many friends you have! I have a bass fishing site that generates an average of a hundred dollars a day. The majority of my traffic comes from Facebook. I have less than 100 friends that follow me. That particular Facebook page is relatively new and is growing daily.

The point that I am trying to make here is that good content will make you money. Spamming will do nothing but make you one of the most hated people online. I am in no way trying to insult anyone, I am simply trying to tell you how to be more effective and to truly get the results that you desire.

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