7 Top Web 2.0 Sites

Watch this video as The SEO Bully reveals 7 of the hottest web 2.0 social network web sites ever. Each of these networks are guaranteed to generate free traffic on a consistant basis to any blog or web page. The best part is it takes very little effort on your end. Chances are you have heard of at least one or two of these social networks that I mention in this video. I am also willing to bet that there are some that you will REALLY be excited about and can’t wait to implement into your current marketing strategies.

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– take action immediately after watching the video. Procrastination is one of the number one killers of success. That my friend has to be one of the truest sayings that I have ever heard, and remember you have heard it straight for The SEO Bully. With that thought in mind do not allow procrastination to kill your dreams. I don’t mean to harp on this but it is crucial that you take action…

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Fact: Listing your blog on web 2.0 sites is an excellent way to get listed in Google and other top notch search engines fast. In most cases my blog page will show up in a day or two. It will vary depending on which niche you are in as well as a few other factors.

NOTE: Not all social networks are created equal. New social networks are popping up on a daily basis. On the other hand there are also tons of social networking sites that are closing everyday. Depending on what your goals are will determine which social networks will benefit you best.

If your goal is to get listed in the search engines fast you will want to target social networks that allow do follow links. Do follow links also allow you to build great link backs. If you are just looking for a source of traffic then using no follow or do follow social networks are both fine.

TIP: I have been split testing pages with video and a little content V.S. content, and thus far the page with video will outrank the page without every time.

If you do not have the ability to create your own video YouTube is a great source for video content that you can embed directly on your web page. If this is the route that you choose I recommend that you use Video Skins to spruce up your page a little. If you are interested in some really hot video skins here are six free Video Skins for your use:

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