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In the video above I have taken three case studies from REAL people that are currently on my mailing list. I’m talking about people that you can actually network with and ask questions to. I intentionally choose individuals who were not that computer savvy. I’m not trying to put anyone down, that is what they claimed.

There is no magic to generating revenue online it is a system. Once you TRULY learn the fundamentals of how things work you will be able to generate revenue forever. As I was writing this I received a video call from one of my students (of course he would call via video when I was looking my worst) and he was sharing with me that he was making money online by selling websites that he had setup. He claimed to be making a few thousand dollars a month and didn’t have to go threw the heartache of building a list just to eat. I guess if it’s working for him then have at it. His purpose for the call is because he wanted me to do a case study on his procedure because he is about to create a course teaching others how to do it.

Keep your eyes open for that in future newsletters I’m looking forward to seeing Marks brilliant strategy for making thousands of dollars a month. Since Mark enjoys billiards and spends the majority of his time playing the game I think it is a safe bet to say that the system is going to be pretty easy to do.

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