SEO Optimization SEO Gorilla Tactics The SEO Bully Tim BeachumSEO Optimization is the most misunderstood aspect of owning and operating a website. It does not matter if you have a site that is meant to generate revenue, or you just wanted to create a site rant about something that you are passionate about. SEO Optimization will play a major role in you generating traffic to your website. There is no way that I can explain every aspect of SEO in one simple article. However I will give you a good understanding of what you need to do to get started driving traffic to your website.

First let me kill a pet-peeve that bothers me. There is no such thing as a web site listed on the front page of Google. A page can be listed on the front page but not an entire site. Your goal is to get the individual pages of your site listed in the search engines. Now you know when you are speaking in Online Marketing lingo not to EVER say your site is or is not listed in Google, right?

The next thing that you should understand is how the search engines work. As you begin to educate yourself more and more you will discover a lot of what I call Search Engine Bashing. I am referring about those people who have blogs and SEO Forums dedicated to discussing how horrible Google is and how they do not care about the little guy. Is Google perfect? Of course not they do make mistakes, but their primary goal is to generate the best search results for the end user possible.

Always try to look at things from a business perspective. If Google does not generate top notch search results then they will not generate visitors. If they have no visitors they have no advertising dollars, and as you know without advertising dollars there is no Google.

As a blogger, website owner or an individual trying to make a few bucks online your goal is to generate the highest quality content that you possibly can. What the search engines want is information that is useful to their users. That is THE most important aspect of whatever it is your trying to do online PERIOD.

No lets get down to the brass taxes shall we?

Understanding Your Target Audience

I have consulted with some major players who failed to understand this aspect of having a website online. Just because they were passionate about what they were doing they failed to realize that their target audience may not be as educated as them on the subject matter. For example one of my clients is in the publishing business. Before we started doing business together his website consisted of a bunch of industry jargon that a first time author would not have a clue about. I use to work in the publishing space for several years and even I did not understand some of the information that he had on the site.

This is where keyword research comes into play. Besides the look and feel of your site this is considered the foundation. If you do not know how your target audience uses the Internet to find you, your site will be nothing more than a billboard in the middle of the rain forest.

There are several tools out there to help you with your keyword research. If you are just getting started I do not recommend that you dive in and invest to much money at first. Use Google’s free keyword tool (just do a search for it) to get your feet wet, and make sure that this is the direction that you want to go. Often times people will make it sound like running a website is not hard work. That is like saying you want to have kids in order to have more free time!

Once you begin doing your keyword research you will begin to realize a ton of opportunities that you were missing out on. I can guarantee you that you were leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

FYI: Keyword research is the most important part of SEO Optimization.

Once you have effectively identified and compiled your list of keyword phrases you can use them to create your content. Create your content for people not search engines. However you want to sprinkle your targeted keyword phrase in the title of your, the first paragraph, the middle of the content and in the last paragraph if you can work it in naturally. You will also want to place the keyword phrase in the keyword meta tag, and the description meta tag. Although this will not guarantee you a good ranking in the search engines you are definitely on the right track.

Now that you have began your internet marketing SEO career, it is time to repeat the process and make sure that you track your results. You can easily track your results using another free tool called Google Analytics. I must warn you that when you first log in to your account it can look a little intimidating. Take your time and read through some of the help files and begin applying what you learn.

Recommendation From The SEO Bully

If you are considering owning and operating your own blog, or you already have one it is a must that you use WordPress. Sure there are other CMS platforms, but WordPress is hands down the leader. There is so much bad information online regarding wordpress that it is ridiculous. I highly recommend that you download and watch these how to worldpress videos. I guarantee you that once you have completed the entire program that you will be a leading authority when it comes to the WordPress platform.

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